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The Waywatchers

"It had been a long day, and all I wanted now was to reach the outpost of Stonekeep before the sun went down. As I approached the crossroads of Yew, I suddenly felt an uneasyness that had not been there before. As if I was being watched. I pulled my cloak closer, to fend off the chill of the oncomming night. Suddenly, one of the shadows to my left detached itself from the surrounding. 'Halt there.' a voice, with Yew accent clearly stated. 'Well met, stranger', I ventured, hoping that civility would keep the man with a peaceful mind. 'State your name and business, citizen.' I replied quickly; 'Bren of Minoc, sirrah. I'm delivering a document for Stonekeep.' A moment of silence answered me, and then three more shadows came to form themselves. As I eyed the men I noticed their well made leather armours, and blades and bows held at ease. I was safe now. Those were the Waywatchers of the Militia."

The Waywatchers are the sworn protectors of the forests and roads and the eyes and ears of the Militia. Their ability to scout is used to forewarn Stonekeep of any enemy armies heading towards it, and with their efforts the woods of Yew are a relatively safe place. In war they are often used to estimate enemy size and to strike at keypoint enemies, such as sorcerers and shamans, where their poisonous blades come well in hand.

Waywatcher uniform

Waywatchers wear the regular guardsmen uniform but have their boots dyed in a special dark green shade which can be found in the watcher tower. Instead of a coif they wear a bandana; this one coloured in the waywatcher's dark green as well. Their armour is a full set of spined leather armour dyed dark green in the watcher tower. Waywatchers prefer a kryss in combat (poisoned in most occasions), but may also use spears, staves and bows. For obvious reasons they never use shields.

Roleplaying a Waywatcher

  • Waywatchers are fiercely protective of the woods and roads, and will do anything to keep them safe.
  • Waywatchers spend a lot of their time out in the woods, often staying out for days in a row, hunting down stray orcs and scummers. After returning, they often bring back large packs of meat and goods, which they supply the other guardsmen with.
  • Waywatchers often move hidden even within Stonekeep so as to hide the real number of the awake garrison.
  • Waywatchers rarely drink while working, as it is rather hard to sneak up upon someone when hicking. Though when return after their long time in the wilds, they often rumble as bad or worse than the merry men!
  • Waywatchers often operate in bands of two, as they stealth together, using sign-language to communicate (party-feature of the client)
  • Waywatchers are the only guardsmen that are allowed to use poison. They do not create the poison, but this must be done by the herbalist. All they do is apply it (to the weapon, as well as the victim)
  • Waywatchers cut off the escape-route of troublemakers. If someone posing a potential threat approaches the guardsmen, the Waywatchers stealth in the way of the most likely retreat-route, and hold their weapons ready, trapping the victim if possible.
  • All Waywatchers are allowed to use Ostards as their mounts. Although mainly used to aid in scouting operations, a mounted Waywatcher is also a considerable threat to slower enemies. All rules regarding the use of mounts in combat apply.

Quotes of Waywatcher mentality

  • "Pssst... over here!"
  • "By your leave sir, I will go find the villians"
  • "Thirty of 'em sir, armed to the teeth and marching this way"
  • "Watch that blade Rookie, the poison on it could drop a Wyrm"
  • *Searches for tracks*
  • "Don't look so suprised, tis not a good expression to die


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