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There are times when guardsmen prove themselves, yet without falling under the criteria for one of the Kingdom's medals. Thus, to encourage such behaviour the officers met up one gloomy night to discuss the matter. The very next day, orders were sent out to the militia tailors to draft up a series of ribbons, to be sown into the sashes of deserving guards. The ribbons are only provincial awards and whilst they represent great service for the militia to the guardsmen and local civilians, they probably hold little value outside of Yew (unlike the medals, whose wearers are given proper recognition throughout the land by all that serve the King). Given their value in Yew, the ribbons follow many of the guidelines set for medals.

  • If you are caught writing down a ribbon in your profile which you do not have, you will most probably be demoted one or even several ranks.
  • Even if the Command has decided you are worthy of a ribbon, you may NOT carry it until you are given one.
  • You may never point out, whine or alike, per icq or ingame, that you feel you deserve a ribbon, or that you have completed one or several of the criteria for one. This is a decision ONLY the Command may take. If you do this, you will lose the right to the ribbon.
  • As the medals are provincial and thus not recognised outside of Yew, they do not count towards nobility.
  • If a guardsman is ever thrown out, or deserts, they are stripped of all their ribbons. (ignore the profile if they were so foul as not to erase it) Same goes for outsiders wearing ribbons - of course they are fakes!

All who hold these honours shall be remembered on a page or two in the tome, for coming generations of guards to note.

What ribbons are there?

Name Criteria

Ribbon of Merit

Awarded to Guardsmen or Craftsmen who have organized quests (in the militia theme) where a number of guardsmen participated, multi-guild events, running plotlines, or anything else of that nature deemed suitable by Command. One event alone is never enough to earn the ribbon, no matter how successful it is.

To be awarded the Ribbon, the member must have been nominated by another Guardsmen or member of Command and a majority vote won. No more than two Guardsman may be awarded the Ribbon each month, and months may pass without one being awarded.

* In Character, the ribbon is awarded for exceptional service in a general sense, as obviously the above criteria would make little sense to any sane guardsman character.

* This ribbon will be awarded to Guardsmen who have run a series of interesting and unique events for Guardsmen to participate in.

* Guardsmen may nominate their fellow Guardsmen for this reward.


Ribbon of Champions

The Ribbon of Champions is awarded to Guardsmen who has shown their strength and courage within the Arena and won a Champion's Tournament. The Ribbon will only be granted to a Tournament winner from an official Champion Tournament organised by Command. No more than one Guardsman may be awarded the Ribbon each month, and months may pass without one being awarded.


Ribbon of Discipline

Awarded to Guardsmen who have been chosen by Command for maintaining a level of discipline beyond that expected of them. The bearer has shown unswerving loyalty to the Guardsmen Militia and upheld a level of discipline that stands as an example to all. The Ribbon of Discipline can be stripped from a guard who fail to live up to the criteria that earned him the ribbon in the first place.

* This ribbon is awarded for showing continued discipline and loyalty. A Guardsman who constantly breaks the rules and disobeys orders would not receive this ribbon.

* Corporals may nominate guardsmen to receive this ribbon, but only Command may decide whether or not to award the ribbon

* The Ribbon may be stripped from the Guardsman if he fails to uphold the original criteria.


Ribbon of Standards

Those who put in the effort, and strive to learn and improve not only their own skills but also the skill of others shall be rewarded. Guardsmen who consistently organise and attend various forms of training, and produce reports of this, may receive the Ribbon of Standards.

* This ribbon is awarded to those who are seen to organise a large number of quality training and drill sessions for the Guardsmen.

* Guardsmen may 'nominate' their fellow Guardsmen for this ribbon.

* Although Command recognises that many training sessions are run without reports being created, a Guardsman may not receive recognition for these events as there is no 'evidence' of the event.


Ribbon of Recruiting

A Guardsman who has made a significant effort to find new Recruits for the Guardsman Militia may be awarded this ribbon. There is no formal criteria to fulfil in terms of the number of recruitment parades you must run to gain the Ribbon, however Command will be quite selective in awarding this ribbon.

* This ribbon is awarded to a Guardsman who makes an effort to run several Recruitment Parades.

* Guardsmen may nominate their fellow Guardsmen for this reward.

* Reports on the Guardsman’s recruitment attempts are mandatory for receiving this Ribbon.


Ribbon of Progress

This particular Ribbon may only be awarded to junior ranked Guardsmen; it is given in recognition of the high standard they have upheld. Only one Ribbon will be awarded per ceremony so to receive such a distinction is a notable achievement.

* Only one Ribbon of Progress will be awarded per month and may only be given to a Trainee or Footman

* The ribbon is awarded in recognition of the high standards set by the individual

* Guardsmen may nominate Trainees & Footmen to receive this reward.


Ribbon of Distinction

The Ribbon of Distinction may be awarded to guardsmen who perform acts of special or unique service to the Militia, or to those who consistently make noteworthy contributions to the Militia. Examples of this might be playing a Recruiter or completing an Out Of Character task set by Command such as building a list of members ICQ numbers.

* This ribbon is awarded to a Guardsman who completes a unique or special service to the Guardsman Militia.

* Only Command may select a Guardsman to receive this Ribbon

* There is no limit on the number of Distinction's a Guardsman may receive.

Ribbon of Tutelage

The Ribbon of Tutelage is awarded to Guardsmen that have taken a pupil from the Trainee ranks and mentored them in the ways of the Guardsman Militia. The Guardsman is responsible for their pupil in every aspect of their Militia life until such time as they are promoted to the rank of Rookie Guard.

* This ribbon is awarded to Guardsmen who have guided a new Guardsman from the rank of Trainee to Rookie Guard.

* Only Rookie Guards and above may be awarded this ribbon.

* A Guardsman wishing to participate in this Ribbon must find their own Trainee and inform Command that they are mentoring them.

* Guardsmen should be prepared to justify their role as a 'Mentor' to a Command member at any time.


Drakans Ribbon

In honour of the famed Major Drakan, a new Ribbon was created as reward for winning a bare-fist boxing tournament. Only Command may run the boxing tournament, and it will not be held on a regular basis. Thus it is a great honour to hold this particular Ribbon, as very few Guardsmen will ever get the opportunity to win it.





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