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Stand ready! When this order is given the Guardsmen draw their preferred weapon and stand at ease, alert and ready to follow further orders.  

Charge! All guardsmen charge against the foe.  

Fall back! After giving this order the officer runs off and stops a few screens away. All guardsmen run the same direction, and form up around the Officer in a “Square” formation unless other orders are given.  

Take cover! All guardsmen hide instantly, ready their backpacks for battle and assess the foe to come. If failing to hide, move around to dodge the foes blows/spells but stay near the hidden guardsmen.

Form on [name]! When given this order the guardsmen will break off from whatever they are currently doing and take up positions around [name], ready to

Target [name or monster]. If one foe is particularly wounded, or dangerous, the officer can give this order to make all guardsmen try to finish it off as quickly as possible.  

Cut our losses. When this order is given, anyone who is able to carry their fellow's equipment and is not required to hold their ground should gather as much of their fallen fellow's gear as they can and be ready to move out.  

Right (or Left) flank strong. All the higher ranked guards stand to the Officer's right, all Trainees and Footmen stand to the Officer's left.  

Champion. Some times it comes to be that a battle can be decided without a bloody and life costly battle against a equally numerous foe and so an Officer (Only a Sergeant, Captain or Major can give this order) may decided to send forth one of his men to answer the call of there foe. All other Guardsmen should assume the Ready Arms order and be ready to react to any treat that comes about during the duel.  

Protect [name]. All guardsmen look at the health bar of [name] and make sure that blocking the way to any foes, healing, and attacking anyone who attacks the guarded person do not harm him.  

Draw Bows! All guardsmen pull their bows or crossbows. If they don't have any, shame on them!  

Hold position! The guardsmen stay within sight, keep close to one another and heal their fellows if needed. Nobody flees, nobody pursues.  

Spear [Target Name] All Guardsmen attack the called target. This could be a description of a single foe, a group of foes, (“Spear the Archers!”) or the name of a known foe. If the officer doesn't mention a target, the officer's target should be attacked.  

Regroup. All guardsmen gather up near the Officer and assume a “Square” formation around them.


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