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The Besiegers

"Two days ago, the hamlet had been taken by orcs, the villagers slaughtered and the grounds plundered. Too late had the Waywatchers warned of the invasion, and there was little left than retaliation to be done. The orcs seemed confident this day, almost bordering to vanity, holding the gate secured. Suddenly a roar arose; 'Loose barrage!' followed by more than a dozen hasty explosions and green, burned blood painting the walls dark blending with screams of pain and orcish warcries. A few orcs having been felled, the orcline recovered just in time to spot a contingent of plated men, heavily armed, emerging out of the smoke arisen. 'Conquest through steel and fire!' they boomed, as they charged forth against the orcish defencive line. Steel clinged with steel, as Besieger shields fended off the orcish onslaught, but the orcs could not seem to break through the wall of steel, and one by one were they cut down where they stood. "

The hammer of the Militia, the Besiegers are sent to places where heavy enemy opposition is expected. You can find them in the dungeons, wading through monsters, well protected by their armour, and in the frontline of war. They are armoured to the teeth, and highly proficient in the use of their black, round shields. Only the most brute and efficient fighter Guards join the division of The Besiegers. In battle, these are often the shield-troops who approach the enemy lines first, and shrug off the damage which the weaker armoured guardsmen could not withstand. The Besiegers are fixated with war, conquest and tactics and secretly worship the Archangel of fire; Pyros. A Besieger is a one-man-army. Maybe not being able to inflict as much damage as one of the Merry Men or the Marksmen, he is virtually impossible to kill.

Besieger Apperance

Full plate armour, all in shadow except for the tunic and leggings which are Iron. Must carry a black round shield or a black heater. Melee weapon is limited to sword and mace weapons, as long as it is one-handed. A Besieger would never sink so low as to use a bow.

Roleplaying a Besieger

  • Besiegers are often bitter and harsh in their ways, showing little mercy.
  • Besiegers hold rituals, dedicated to the Archangel Pyros (ultima lore: the Titan of Fire) well hidden away from watching eyes of the Templars and the Magistrate. (this, as it is considered heresy to hold an archangel above the Higher Being)
  • Besiegers are those that press the trainees and footmen the hardest, as they know that only the strongest will join their ranks. And only by living through hardships may you grow strong.
  • Besiegers are the only guardsmen that are allowed to use bombs (purple potions). They do not create the bombs themselves, but this must be done by the herbalist.
  • Besiegers carry large stacks of firebombs with them all the time, and have an additional order; 'Loose barrage', where they can efficiently sweep an enemy-infested enclosed area clean in one large conflagration.
  • Besiegers are fixated with fire, steel, conquest, war and tactics, and this strongly reflects in their dialogue.
  • Besiegers detest the use of archery, and would never sink so low as to use either a bow, crossbow or heavy crossbow. This also results in them looking down upon the Marksmen, although they do not show open disrespect.
  • Besieger habitat is in the dungeons. Here they spend most of their grim lives, hunting down the spawn of the dark.


"Conquest through Steel and Fire!"

Quotes of Besieger mentality

  • "In the name of Pyros! Uhhh. I mean... the Militia!"
  • "Defeat that weakling? You're on!"
  • "We'll clean out the hiders with a barrage, and then storm them, sir."
  • "Draw swords, men! We shall spill their blood where they stand!"
  • "Didn't work with force? Then boy, you weren't using enough!"
  • "Hehe. YOU, take ME?"


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